Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, you are fat.

After being on so many websites, social networks, and forums, you start to get a clear understanding of what most guys are like. Whenever I see a somewhat thick, yet very attractive female who mentions that she wants to lose a few pounds, some idiot with no balls has to tell her, "Oh no, you're perfect, I hate stick figures, stay the way you are". The reason why our women are getting so fucking fat these days is because stupid ass guys are not being honest. Now, there are some thin girls who really don't need to lose weight. But that's because they are THIN!! We shouldn't be telling a girl who is teeter tottering with 10-15 extra pounds that she's "Perfect". These fucking idiot pricks think that it's going to get them brownie points or a piece of ass. Delusional fucks.

I don't know if these assholes are doing the math. If they are "Perfect" now, if they gain even 5-10 lbs, they're going to look overweight. Unless they're underweight or really fit, we should not encourage them to eat whatever they want and not exercise. The fact of the matter is, life is eventually going to take its toll, and these girls will GAIN weight! But if they try to maintain a certain weight and stay thin, lean or fit, they will earn the freedom to have a little extra room to gain later on down the line, which WILL inevitably happen. But these sex-driven assholes are just complimenting the thickness and lovely lady lumps that are only fun to look at while they're exactly the way they are currently. But a girl that is perfectly thick will end up being perfectly FAT if they gain the slightest bit of weight.

If a girl says she want to lose a few extra pounds because she has a bit of body fat, go along with it and encourage her! Tell her that "It's nothing, you can lose that in no time with the right exercise and diet!" This is a great thing for us men to do! Level with our women, support them when they want to diet! DO NOT encourage being a little thick, because THICKNESS BUILDS ON TOP OF THICKNESS!! And then what do you get??? Yeah... You KNOW what you get!! And if you assholes encourage this, then you better not fucking complain when she becomes a huge heifer!!

Some may think this sounds superficial and shallow, but FUCK what others think. This is the truth! And some people just need to hear it for once! Women need great moral support but they also need honesty and sincerity in every sense. Men need to quit thinking with their dicks. Thickness translates to hot, shaking tits and asses.. I understand, I've watched porn and I know what it looks like. And I must admit.. It is sorta hot. Really. A hot, thick girl, with a pretty face can do wonders to a man's penis, but in all honesty, if any of these girls got a bit thicker, they'd be entering the danger zone... There's a VERY FINE LINE between Thick and FAT!! That's the dangerous part of it. Now.. Mind you, it's a completely different story when guys like BBW (Big Beautiful Women), that's a fetish. But for men who just prefer their women thick for the sake of tits and ass grabbing sex, don't encourage them to gain more weight! Damn it!

Most women with naturally large breasts and/or ass normally still have those curves when they lose the weight. Maybe not to the extremity you might be used to, but they'll still retain their natural curves. So you're not actually sacrificing much if they stay on the thin/lean side. If they do stay on the thin/lean side, and they go through a period of weight gain, they still have that 5-10 lb leeway without turning into a FAT person. Then they will become what you consider "Thick". And when they feel up to it, they can lose that weight again. A THICK girl does not have that 5-10 lb leeway! So don't let her believe that she does! You asshole pricks make me so sick, every time I see a video of a girl who looks somewhat thick and wants to lose weight, some jack ass has to say something stupid like "You're perfect! I like your curves!" You dumb shit! While you're sitting there, jacking off to her lovely lady lumps, she's looking at her muffin top! WITH GOOD REASON! Everybody should be within a decent body fat percentage. And love handles aren't helping anything!

Now, this is NOT a double standard! If the guy is out of shape or overweight, he has no fucking room to talk at all! He shouldn't even express an opinion because if his body looks like shit, he has no say on what a woman's body should look like. So fellas, if you're sitting there on your fat ass, watching Sport Center, get your ass up and go for a freakin jog or some shit. This country is full of out of shape assholes who love watching in-shape athletes on TV. Take off your fucking jersey because you're a disgrace to the athlete you're supporting! I'm so sick of these ex-jocks and idiots who sit on their couches and criticize what's "HOT OR NOT" when it comes to females. These hypocrite asswipes watch Spike Tv and Manswers all day and think it's hot to check out cheerleaders and make grunting noises at sports bars to girls who are clearly out of their league. These guys need to seriously fuck off as well! And some of them have the nerve to call their wives fat! If you're one of these guys, FUCK YOU!! Your wife deserves better, especially if she's hot! I can't tell you how many times I've seen some dime pieces with pot belly losers!

In the end, I think all we need to do is, be honest. And encourage a healthy lifestyle. Show support if someone wants to shed a couple pounds rather than feeding them with a bunch of bullshit about how they're "Fine the way they are". If they're thin, leave it be, and let them know they're already fine and all they need to do is maintain it with good food and exercise! There is nothing wrong with that! I'm so sick of seeing fat chicks, and now I see that the main problem are the stupid men who are encouraging women to leave the diet and exercise behind! FUCK YOU! You're making this country turn into a pig sty!! If you want to roll around with the pigs, be my guest! But don't you EVER complain about it when they go from thick and juicy to morbidly obese, sweat rolls and nasty! This could have been prevented if you were just honest!

That is all. And if you were offended by this, you obviously missed the bigger picture. Obesity not only constitutes to physical unattractive qualities but it also leads to diabetes, heart disease and other major health problems. I don't think anyone should have to look like a Playmate or super model, but to have a fairly healthy weight is absolutely detrimental to our well-being whether you agree with it or not. And if you're still offended, FUCK OFF, and go find another blog where people lie to you all the time, while secretly they think the same exact thing when they see obesity in the flesh.

-Observing You

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